• Relax and enjoy your day with unique cuisines and drinks on Dearborn Street in Englewood, FL
  • Tropical palm trees line trails leading to off street parking for the shops and restaurants in Old Englewood Village
  • From arts and entertainment to shopping and dining, there
  • Quaint retail shops line Dearborn Street in Old Englewood Village, Florida
  • The white sands of Englewood Beach just minutes from Deerborn.
  • Beautiful gulf coast sunsets in Englewood, FL.
  • Featuring organic produce, artisan cheeses, breads. Olives, pickles, pies and various artisans, growing weekly.

Old Englewood Village Association (OEVA)

Englewood, Florida

Building a Vibrant Englewood, FL Community

Old Englewood Village Association (OEVA) is here to make improvements of Old Englewood Village a reality. This includes community revitalization and beautification, as well as the introduction and enhancement of economic, business, civic, social, cultural, and recreational services. All things that will help make Englewood, Florida a home for businesses and residents throughout the area.
Family fun in Old Englewood Village, Englewood, Florida

Family fun in Old Englewood Village, Englewood, Florida - Family fun in Old Englewood Village, Englewood, Florida

Old Englewood Village

Old Englewood Village began as a trail, and a small store with a 250-foot dock out into the bay in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Stores, restaurants, bars, and big dreams slowly crept into the area.

During the land boom of the1920’s, grandiose plans were in place for casinos, a new train depot, and even a luxury home development for movie stars and other celebrities. The Great Depression and numerous storms tested the resiliency of the town. Most of the plans disintegrated. But the families of Englewood came together even when the city was falling apart, defining the meaning of “community” which remains to this day.

Today, Old Englewood Village and the areas surrounding it, maintain their old-world charm and continue to attract new visitors and residents. Arts and music are everywhere. Quaint shops line the streets. You can find fresh Florida produce and local crafts at the farmer’s market. After checking out the village, you can take some time off your feet with tantalizing food and drink at your choice of a wide variety of local bistros and restaurants.

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